We care and we will bring our years of Real Estate and business experience in SELLING and BUYING  to you and make our 8 strategies of selling or buying technique simple and easy!”

If you are ready to SELL A HOME, we will sit with you and begin the process.  We will bring our years of Real Estate, business experience and extensive background in home décor and renovations along with many years of experience in sales, marketing, negotiations and a unique vision in beautifying your home for selling. 

We LOVE the Real Estate business.  We will work together for you to get your home SOLD!  We will take time with you, find out your expectations from us, run a  Comparative Marketing
Analysis and help you through your journey.  We have the experience to know when the right time is, how, when to get you’re outside curb appeal ready and how to stage the inside of your home. 

If you are ready to BUY A HOME, We will take the time to sit with you and begin the process of looking for your new home by going over your desired criteria. Time is of the essence in this market.  We have helped many clients purchase the right home by listening to their needs and wants.  We love helping by successfully getting you to the Closing table so you can own your new home! We care and will bring our Real Estate and business experience and find that beautiful DREAM home you always wanted!  

We are lifetime residents of the Lehigh Valley and reside in the Moore Township, Bath area, which, gives us great knowledge of the Lehigh Valley.  You will also be working with VETERANS of the United States Armed Forces.

As professional business owners, we have served as members of the Lehigh Valley and Pocono Builders Associations along with the Chamber of Commerce in the Greater Lehigh Valley and Greater Pocono Chamber of Commerce.                                                

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